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Whelehans On-Site Flu Clinic for business and industry 23/24

Worried about the negative impact a flu outbreak at work could have on your business?

Flu is highly contagious, with symptoms lasting 7 - 10 days, so no matter what business you are in, coming into contact with people, whether it's fellow workers in the office or workplace - or the public if you're in retail or hospitality, is inevitable - as is the potential risk of exposure to flu and subsequent risk to business performance and profitability.

Why take the risk? How would staff shortages due to flu affect your business?

How we can help?

Whelehans offer a free of charge On-Site Flu clinic that can be hosted at your business premises

Benefits this service offers:-

  • Staff vaccination " at work" by a trained pharmacist vaccinator
  • All staff can be vaccinated in a single "clinic" session, so downtime minimised.
  • Reduction in sick days from flu means increased productivity
  • Risk of workplace person to person transmission greatly reduced
  • Increased level of protection from third party infection (customers, contractors etc)
  • Happy staff - this helps them protect themselves and their families

Think this could be of benefit and help protect your business this winter?

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The Vaccine Team