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Medicine Management


Medicine Costs Review

Interested in reducing your monthly medicines bill?

Send us your Name and Contact Number in the box above and our pharmacist will call you to discuss the savings you can make.

Many prescription and medicines have an identical generic substitute available. Generics contain the same drug but can be significantly less expensive. In Whelehans we carry generic equivalents for all “off patent” prescription medication and Over the Counter medicines.

  •  Ask our pharmacist if there is are generics available for your drugs, we may be able to save you money


Free Prescription Delivery

If you or someone close to you is taking numerous medicines which are proving difficult to manage, we can:-

  • Collect your prescription
  • Arrange your medicines in easy to follow daily packs
  • We can deliver direct to your door
  • all free of charge


 Free Blister Packing of Medication