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Family is family and everyone deserves some love- from our Pet's Corner, Lorraine offers some guidance and advice for Caring for Older Dogs........

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Pet’s Corner: Caring for older dogs

By Lorraine Murphy, from Pet’s Corner at Whelehans Pharmacy


  • To ensure health problems don’t become too serious, older dogs need Vet checks every 6 months. Larger breeds age quicker than smaller breed as a rule.
  • Teeth must be checked as tartare builds up with age and can cause eating problems due to pain.
  • As older pets slow down, they need an age appropriate diet. Fish oils rich in EPA and EPA helps stiff joints, gives a shinier coat and helps mentally.
  • Gentle exercise is important to keep the joints moving and keep your dog younger in mind and body.
  • Daily grooming is essential but if your dog is tender anywhere, brush gently. Grooming also gives you an opportunity to spot lumps, bumps, rashes or parasites that need attention.
  • Regular worm, tick and flea treatments are important; these can cause problems at any age.
  • If your older pet is losing weight for no apparent reason bring him to your vet for investigation.
  • Make sure your golden oldie has a warm, dry and comfortable place to sleep. Oldies need their sleep more and should be left undisturbed.
  • Last but not least – lots of love and cuddles!


Whelehans Pets Corner

We have introduced a ‘Pets Corner’ in Whelehans Pearse St Mullingar so we can support you with your furry best friend’s basic health needs (as well as your own!). Our local Veterinary Practices are the experts in animal care, so we are not bypassing the essential services our local Vets provide. Our pet lover Lorraine Murphy has thirty years of animal experience and is available if you are looking for little bits of advice on your pet at no charge, simply call in. Lorraine can also help you decide if you need to bring your pet to your Vet. Lorraine explains, “our aim with our ‘Pets Corner’ is to give basic advice to pet owners and supporting them with over the counter tick, flea and worming medication”

Disclaimer: We always recommend you consult your veterinary clinic and we always refer you to your veterinary clinic when more expert advice and care is required for your pet

For health advice and information call in to Whelehans Pharmacy’s, log on to or dial 04493 34591 (Pearse St) or 04493 10266 (Clonmore).

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